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Cushion Sets & Stretcher Pads

Surgical surfaces & pads

Quality starts at the core. USA-made, reliable surgical table cushion sets and stretcher pads exceeding expectations since 1981. Surgery centers and ORs across America have come to rely on Bryton's high-performing cushion and pad solutions. Our core manufacturing and engineering values stem from providing superior protection and support for all patients. Bryton offers a full range of the highest quality pads and cushion sets that can accommodate virtually any stretcher or surgical table.

Pressure Management Options
Shop BrytonCorp.com for pressure management series surgical surfaces pads and sets. Bryton's Premiere Pad series is specifically designed to lower pressure points, shear pressure, and reduce risk of complications.

Color Options are Here!
All pads featuring 2-way stretch vinyl fabrics are now available in ten color options. Now facilities are able to color-code their OR or surgical suits easily.

Quality to the core

At Bryton, we understand that quality starts at the core. All Bryton pads are engineered to support the patient at various risk levels to properly manage pressure.

NEW - Soft-Touch Straps

Soft, secure, and in stock. Shop BrytonCorp.com for the New Soft-Touch single-use armboard straps, in stock and ships same day.

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