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Privacy Policy

Privacy Commitment
– Bryton Corporation is committed to uphold Privacy and respects your right to Privacy. Bryton will never sell or disclose to third parties your information, email address, or confidential file information.

Personal Information
–Bryton Corporation will only use your personal information you provide to us as means for us to notify you of news, product releases, promotions, your account information and to process your order, maintain your account file details, or internal marketing research and development. Bryton will never use your personal information for any other purpose or allow it to be sold to any other organization for marketing or solicitation.

Account Changes
– If you have provided us information for maintenance of an open account with Bryton and for processing of orders and service, but do not wish to receive any other form of electronic correspondence, news, emails or product releases from Bryton, please tell us by sending us an email at csupport@brytoncorp.com and tell us that you do not wish to receive any information from us other than info pertaining to purchases, orders, and normal customer account maintenance.

Comments, Thoughts, and Suggestions
– Bryton Corporation also prides itself in its relationship with its customers, and thus appreciates our customers openness to tell us with they think, give us product feedback and product suggestions, and your comments are always welcomed. To this extent Bryton promises that information you send to Bryton ‘as such’ will never be disclosed to others or published without your prior consent, Bryton will always respect your feedback and suggestions and thoughts and will do everything we can to incorporate them into our product development and research to serve you better.

Commitment to Quality
– Bryton’s commitment and endeavor is to provide the highest quality products and services available in our market, and to this end, your thoughts, needs, ideas, suggestions and feedback, while held in utmost confidence, are greatly appreciated and welcome.

Secure Personal Information
– We want you to have complete and continued trust in Bryton Corporation and in our products and services, so, to this end, we have put in place practices and policies including but not limited to physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to protect and safeguard and secure your personal information.

Welcome to Our Site
– You are most welcome to peruse our Site, without disclosing any personal information about yourself or your facility or entity, however, doing so still constitutes an agreement to the Terms of Use of this Site and you agree to not breach these in anyway.

Infomatics to Improve
– We will gather all IP addresses which access this Site, and will use the information for the purpose of improvement, management of this site, diagnose or resolve issues with this Site or server, and to gather information as to use, traffic, and interest of this Site with a purpose of marketing and improving or updating it for our customers benefit.

– Where personal information is requested on this Site, it is on an ‘at will’ basis for you to provide this information and will decide how and how much you use our Site.


Website Copyright
– For website copyright information see 'WebSite Content & Legal Disclaimer' page.


Copyright & Trademarks
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