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Refurbished Shampaine 5100B Surgical Table


Refurbished Shampaine 5100B Surgical Table


Refurbished Shampaine 5100B Surgical Table


Refurbished Shampaine 5100B Surgical Table


The Shampaine 5100B surgical table comes with a table top cushion set, removable pendant hand-control unit, removable headrest unit, and one pair of arm boards with pads. This surgical table provides flexible articulation for complete patient positioning. 


Shampaine Surgical Tables bring mobility and greater access to the operating room medical staff.

  • Through the use of Electroluminescent (EL) technology, the 5100 series tables are the only tables available with “Full-Function Key Illumination”.
  • These tables have a longitudinal slide feature for full-length image amplification.
  • Each of the five table sections (including the 15'' leg extension) come standard with a built-in x-ray cassette tunnel.
  • These tables are capable of returning to the horizontal position (true level) through the convenience of single-button activation.
  • The 5100B is battery-powered.
  • The table may be operated with or without the power cord connected. Main power is only required for recharging the battery.
  • The battery recharge system restores discharged batteries to 80% of a full charge within 8 hours, and fully charges the table within 12 hours of continuous charging.



Did You Know?

Bryton’s ReVive Refurbishing Process is the tool you need to save thousands in capital purchases. With the current emphasis on cost management, it doesn’t make sense to purchase new equipment whenever the existing equipment wears out or breaks down.

With ReVive, your equipment can be refurbished to as-good-as or better-than-new condition, for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. Bryton also offers in-stock models for purchase, for thousands less than new equipment would cost.

Warranty Information

ReVive Program Products Warranty:
- Surgical tables remanufactured through Bryton's ReVive program are warrantied for 2 years.
- Avoid storing tables outside, stacking them or storing other equipment ontop, or in high humidity environments, this will void warranty.
- Warranty does not include damage caused from collisions, or damage made by modifications from receiving party.
- After market modifications or add ons voids 2 year warranty.

All equipment put through Brytons ReVive Program Remanufacturing Service will be covered by a full two (2) year parts and labor warranty, unless otherwise stated on written sales contract. Bryton will pay to/fro freight for all ‘approved’ ReVive Warranties. Repairs may be performed at customer facility at Bryton’s discretion. ReVive warranty covers parts and labor for manufacturer defective parts and/or replacement thereof for 2 years from invoice date. Bryton may replace product at its sole discretion, should item be discontinued, Bryton reserves the right to replace with a ‘like’ product. All warranty claims will be subject to product inspection before repair or replacement is approved. Bryton warranties do not cover products that have signs of alterations, abuse, misuse, or damage that is not a result of manufacturer defect; or defect/fault is caused by lack of reasonable care. Signs of such will void all warranty on said product whatsoever. Evidence of tamper, repair, or adjustments made by a non-Bryton ‘Approved’ technician will Void all Warranty.

- Use of Surgical Tables for other than intended purpose voids 2 year warranty. For more information see Customer Help & Warranty Agreement
- Surgical tables should be stored between five and 50 degrees Celsius (about 40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit). Storing outside of the suggested temperature ranges could cause a void in warranty.
Bryton's Return Policy is simple -
- Customer satisfaction is our Goal. If your order is received defective or not as ordered, call for immediate resolution 800.567.9500. All Returns must be accompanied by a valid RGA# or it will not be accepted. All returns must be received by Bryton within 30 days, and will be subject to inspection. A minimum 20% restocking fee may apply. Custom products are non-returnable.
Purchase orders accepted become a binding, legal contract
Any order change or cancellation must transpire within the first 72 hours. Changes to order after that period may incur change order fees; orders cancelled after this period will incur a minimum of 20% restocking fee. Custom orders are not eligible for cancellation after 72 hours.

Custom orders are not eligible for cancellation after 72 hours or if the product has entered production or already has been shipped.

Note: this is an abbreviated warranty info, for full warranty see our Customer Help & Warranty Agreement page or call 800.567.9500.
Looking for used equipment warranty information view it here Used Equipment Warranty page or call 800.567.9500.

Product Specifications

Refurbished Shampaine 5100B Surgical Table
72.5" (184.2 cm)
19.75" (50.2 cm)
Table Weight
700 lbs (315 kg)
Weight Capacity (lift/articulation)
400 lbs/500 lbs (181.4 kg/227 kg)
Height Range
28-43" (72.12-109.22 cm)
Lateral Tilt (left/right)
18 Degrees
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg
+/- 25 Degrees
Powered Kidney Bridge
2.5" (6.4 cm)
Back up/down
+/- 90/30 Degrees
Leg up/down
+/- 70/95 Degrees
Table Top Rotation
Slide Head/Foot
Flex (back/seat)
+/- 15/20 Degrees
Reflex (back/seat)
+15 back/+20 seat
Battery Operation
Backup Controls
Return to Level

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