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ReVive Equipment

    • Has your surgical table
      seen better days?

      ReVive it today!

      A third of the cost
      of buying new!

      Let Bryton give new life to your existing equipment
      with our extensive remanufacturing process.
    • Don't put it in storage

      Remanufacture it!

      It’s the greener solution to reuse your equipment, and ReVive allows you to regain your equipments’s purpose without compromise. ReVive strives to minimize waste in production and remanufacturing. Join us to keep our futures cleaner and more habitable for generations to come.

    • ReVive by Bryton

      How we ReVive

      Typically when we receive surgical tables in, they're in really rough condition. We perform a complete inspection and evaluation of equipment we receive. Only then do we start refinishing and remanufacturing of the entire piece of equipment. Final examinations are made, and then after that your equipment is given a ReVive 2-year warranty then shipped back to your facility.

      Remanufacturing by: REVIVE.

    • Operating Equipment Remanufacturing Program

      By Bryton Corporation

      Let Bryton ReVive your existing surgical tables, at a fraction of the cost of buying new, and…
      …give yourself the peace of mind of having our full 2-year parts and labor warranty.
      All over North America, medical facilities are discovering the quality, reliability, and value of Bryton’s ReVive program. Bryton remanufactures surgical tables so that they meet or exceed the performance specifications of new equipment - resulting in tremendous savings.
      At a time when the healthcare industry moves towards placing an exceptional emphasis on quality and economics, Bryton’s remanufacturing program is a timely solution. Quality is never compromised, capabilities are restored, and cost-efficiencies are maximized.

    • Over 30 Years

      Bryton has developed a remanufacturing process called the ReVive program. Healthcare professionals across America have relied on this program, and it’s professional process to deliver outstanding remanufacturing quality. ReVive has year over year set the standard in quality medical equipment remanufacturing.

    • Before & after ReVive images

      (Untouched and un-modified images of actual surgical table that has gone through ReVive remanufacturing by Bryotn Corporation.)

    • Not just surgical tables

      We do so much more

      At ReVive, we've grown to specialize in much more than just surgical tables. You'll love the quality and craftsmanship, and see first hand the expertise we stand behind in everything remanufacture.

      Other ReVive Equipment

      • Spinal Frames
      • Fracture Tables
      • Ortho Tables
      • Lift Assist Stirrups
      • Urology Tables
      • Ortho Traction
      • Beach Chairs
      • ...and more!
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