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Patient Safety - Quik-Strap Pro

Posted by Matthew Lantz on

New hook & loop securing strap by Bryton Corp.

For many years, Bryton Corporation has offered several options of Velcro or hook and loop securing straps, rolls, and specialty products for use in the medical industry. Bryton has taken Quik-Strap, a popular back-to-back hook and loop strapping, to the next level.

Securing the patient while in a procedure can be critical to the patient's positioning and recovery. Many devices in surgery utilize some kind of hook and loop strapping which many by nature have course and rough edgings and are typically rigid. At Bryton we're committed to the safety of the patient and providing materials, supplies, and devices to caregivers that aid them in the pursuit of quality patient care.

Bryton is proud to announce the release of a new product to their lineup for patient safety supplies – Quik-Strap Pro. This hook and loop secure strapping is offered in four widths in rolled lengths of 10 yards. The loop side of the strapping is made from a soft and flexible thin woven profile material that offers maximum strength while providing a secure and a safer interaction with patient's skin over typical Velcro straps or other hook and loop strapping. The hook side of the strapping is narrower than the loop side allowing for a softer and more pliable loop material to protect against rough edges that might cause skin irritations, cuts and/or other complications.

  • New Quik-Strap Pro, Patient Safety Strapping Now Available.
  • Soft loop side protects patients skin from irritations, cuts and or other complications.
  • Available now in four widths at roll lengths of 10 yards.
  • Strong yet soft and safer than many similar products available on the market.
  • Perfect for many other applications including: cable management, securing devices, and re-usable positioning of equipment.

Quik-Strap Pro is available now exclusively through Bryton Corporation. Offering bulk discounts and re-ordering cycle management. For more information please visit bryton.news/quik-strap_pro_product or call 1-800-567-9500.

New - Bryton now has listings on Amazon! Shop for Quik-Strap Pro on Amazon and many of our other products.

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