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Consumer Reports Identifies Hospitals with High C. Diff Infection Rates

Posted by William Schlitz on

Consumer Reports, considered one of the nation’s leading consumer advocacy and education organizations, published a story this week that raised concerns over the spread of clostridium difficile (C. diff) in hospitals across the nation. As part of this story, Consumer Reports listed the 19 large hospitals in the United States that received very low ratings in C. diff prevention.

Consumer Reports is the latest media entity to raise the issues of super bugs and how healthcare facilities and hospitals address and succeed or fail in infection control procedures. As we have shared over the past few months, this type of media focus is likely to expand across the nation and facility administrators should be prepared to address potential media questions.

Consumer Reports highlights in their story that “the weapons needed to defeat this bug are inexpensive and straightforward: soap, gloves, disinfectants, and the proper use of antibiotics.”

In this climate of growing concern by policy makers and the media about the spread of superbugs, healthcare facility operators will be under growing pressure to ensure that infection control systems and procedures are implemented and followed appropriately. Many facility operators will also have to assess their current medical equipment and ensure that it meets the necessary standards for infection control.

Bryton offers its customers a wide variety of state of the art equipment that can help address this growing concern. Our line for the operating room and for the sterile processing department provides a full array of stainless steel shelving, case carts, processing sinks, work tables and more for maximum efficiency throughout the cleaning and sterilization process.

To read the full article from Consumer Reports, click here. If you have any questions on how the Bryton team can help your facility identify any necessary equipment or supply needs for infection control, click here.

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