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CleanMed Conference Shines Light on the Toxin-Free Hospital of the Future

Posted by William Schlitz on

Health Care Without Harm CEO Gary Cohen recently shared with readers at GreenBiz insights on the future of toxin free healthcare facilities with his recap of the 13th CleanMed Conference.

"Creating an entirely new kind of hospital"

The conference focused on a wide variety of discussion areas including healthy foods, furniture and bedding, green cleaning and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. In his recap, Mr. Cohen shares with readers that healthcare facilities and hospitals are adopting green measures and “creating an entirely new kind of hospital: one where patient healing and environmental healing are fundamentally connected.”

As discussions at the CleanMed Conference expanded to all aspects of healthcare facilities, conference speakers and attendees took time to focus on how many hospitals were concerned about the quality of their existing furniture and bedding.

“Many products used in health care settings may contain or release carcinogens, reproductive toxins or other hazardous materials. In addition, chemicals used in these everyday products — including beds, chairs and mattresses — have not been tested for toxicity.

We continue to see the sector shift away from chemicals of concern, especially when present in health care interiors. These include: flame retardants; stain- and water-resistant perfluorinated compounds; antimicrobials; PVC or polyvinyl chloride plastic; and formaldehyde.”

"Reduce their own environmental impact"

Other discussions regarding greenhouse gas emissions demonstrated the ongoing need of hospitals to reduce their own environmental impact.

“Climate change is emerging as the most important environmental and human health issue of our time. Operating 24/7 means hospitals consume vast amounts of energy, making them a leading source of greenhouse gas emissions.

When it comes to their commitment to address climate change, CleanMed attendees never have been clearer. We heard from a number of hospitals making measurable progress towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions in their own operations.”

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