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Congress Considers Next Steps to Combat Drug-Resistant Superbugs

Posted by William Schlitz on

On Tuesday, June 14 the United States Congress House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee held a hearing on U.S. Public Health Responses to Antibiotic Resistance. Multiple news reports documented that testimony was provided that called on new resources to promote the development of new antibiotics, adoption of new policies to limit needless prescriptions and additional resources to create new testing to diagnose if a patient has a bacterial infection or a virus.

"One of the most important medical advancements of all time"

“Expert panelists who spoke at the hearing said key areas of focus for research are the early stages of the antibiotics pipeline, where new classes of antibiotics could be targeted; expanding genomic sequencing of bacteria to treat outbreaks faster; and working with agencies worldwide to coordinate efforts.

Rep. Pallone said that antibiotic resistance is simply a reality of nature, and without long-term strategies and funding in place, humanity as a whole could lose one of the most important medical advancements of all time.” – source: Becker’s Hospital Review

"More deadly than cancer by 2050"

This story follows a post about ongoing concern by world health leaders that drug-resistant superbugs will be more deadly than cancer by 2050 and clearly captures that media and public attention on this topic is not likely to go away.

The healthcare industry should continue to expect more inquiries by local media and consumers regarding the steps they are taking to address the spread of “superbugs” in their facilities. Facility staff should continue to review their internal procedures and ensure that all their equipment meets current industry standards.

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