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Hospitals Ask Pokémon to Go Away

Posted by William Schlitz on

Pokémon Go has been a hit since it was first released by Niantic a few months ago. With millions of players around the world, the media has shared some funny, strange and concerning stories about players and their never-ending search for Pokémon as they venture through neighborhoods in search of Pokémon. However, for hospitals and health facilities there is growing concern that the unfortunate designation as a Pokemon Go stop could cause a real problem for their patient and staff safety.

Bruce Y. Lee writes a recent story for Forbes that highlights the concerns of hospitals over their facilities being Pokémon Go hotspots. You can read the entire article here.

“What’s the danger of Pokémon enthusiasts entering healthcare facilities as long as they are not on a stretcher? The concerns include players:
Disrupting crucial healthcare operations or distracting healthcare personnel.
Bringing dirt and various infectious diseases into the facility, which can be especially harmful to patients with weakened immune system.
Hearing or seeing private information about patients.
Getting hurt or sick, because hospitals may not be the safest place with medical equipment, sharp instruments, body fluids and infectious diseases.”

How do you find out if your hospital or healthcare facility is a Pokémon Go stop/gym/location? The writers over at Heavy.com have a couple of suggestions, but they aren’t that easy or guaranteed. If you know that your location is a Pokémon Go stop/gym/location and would like to petition Niantic to remove it, you can that do that by clicking here.