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Ohio Hospital Association Receives Recognition for Signature Hand-Hygiene Program

Posted by William Schlitz on

For 100 years, the Ohio Hospital Association has been a leader in ensuring quality care for all patients. In July the American Hospital Association recognized the Ohio Hospital Association’s Institute for Health Innovation for their innovative and successful hand-hygiene program.

Since implementing this program, they have seen overall hand-hygiene compliance rates reach 84 percent.

Participating hospitals focused on one or more measures of the 11 clinical areas. As a result, from 2012 to 2014, the OHA HEN achieved a 97 percent reduction in ventilator-associated pneumonia, 59 percent reduction in central line-associated blood stream infections, 36 percent reduction in surgical site infections and 20 percent reduction in catheter-associated urinary tract infections.

An excerpt from Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine:

“Our hand-hygiene compliance rate is now 84 percent, compared with a 68 percent national compliance rate,” says Mike Abrams, OHA president and CEO. “We are definitely making the kind of progress we need to; and we are using the good results to further expand the program and inspire even more hospitals to participate.”

Since 2010, specially trained student nurses have made more than a million “secret shopper” hand-hygiene observations at more than 100 participating Ohio hospitals and nursing facilities. As a result, hand-hygiene compliance has doubled in five years, contributing to a 48 percent decrease in hospital-acquired infections. Data for these real-time observations are entered electronically through an iPad application developed by the OHA specifically for the initiative. They’re quickly aggregated, allowing hospitals to compare their compliance with other participating facilities' while providing same-day feedback on internal staff compliance. The iPad application since has been updated to an online portal available to all hospital staff.”

Hand-hygiene continues to be part of the broader focus on infection control by hospitals and health facilities. In May we shared with readers a new call by the World Health Organization for hospitals to implement a new six-step hand washing technique. You can read the article here. Proper technique and equipment will be key to implementing these new goals.

If your facility is implementing and/or reviewing these new innovative hand-hygiene techniques, we have an entire line of state-of-the-art scrub sinks to help meet your needs. You can reach our dedicated team of professionals to discuss your needs by contacting us.

Congratulations to the entire team at the Ohio Hospital Association on a well-deserved honor. You can read the whole article from H&HN Magazine here.